It's easy to volunteer with Reach Out Morongo Basin!

Do you only have an hour to volunteer? Great! Do you have ten hours to volunteer? Great! Want to bring your kids along? Alright! The more the merrier! Do you enjoy meeting new people? Look no further! Would you rather stay committed to one person? Perfect! We can meet your needs and make your volunteer experience life changing! Just follow these steps and get started!

Step 1

Fill out the "Volunteer Application." Let us know your availability and what you would like to do.

Step 2

Turn in the "Volunteer Application" and "LiveScan Forms" to the Volunteer Coordinator.

Step 3

Meet with the Volunteer Coordinator to determine the best match for you.

Step 4

Enjoy your new friendship with the full support of Reach Out Morongo Basin!


Volunteer Application

LiveScan Forms