The Family Caregiver Support Program offers No-Cost services to unpaid family caregivers providing care to an older individual (age 60 and older), or an individual of any age with Alzheimer's Disease.

This program is designed to help family caregivers in many roles. If you are an adult child caring for a senior parent, a senior caring for a senior spouse, or any adult with Alzheimer's Disease or Parkinson's related diseases, you may qualify for this extra assistance. With our services, we can fill in the gaps that are not covered by other programs. By helping with the day to day responsibilities, we give the caregiver time to focus more on the emotional care of their loved ones. Caregivers can be a son, daughter, spouse, brother, sister, or unrelated to the person whom the care is being provided.

Services Provided

Information Services

The Family Caregiver Support Program provides public information on caregiving and/or community education on caregiving.

Access Assistance

They inform caregivers about services available within the community.

Support Services

Their support services include Caregiver Assessments, Counseling, Support Group, Training, and Case Management.

Respite Care

The Family Caregiver Support Program provides caregivers with homemaker assistance, home chore assistance, and in-home supervision.

Peer Counseling and Support Groups
Supplemental Services

These services include Assistive Devices and Home Adaptation.

Referral and Information Services

For needs outside program guidelines, the Family Caregiver Support Program can offer caregivers referrals and information services.