Volunteer of a Lifetime

Miss Dee. The name everyone at the Twentynine Palms Senior Center knows. Not only is Miss Dee one of the kindest soul you will ever know, she is also one of the hardest working individuals I have every met.

Miss Dee has lived in the Morongo Basin for almost 50 years. Having first discovered this beautiful area when she came to visit her friend’s parents back in the ‘60s, Miss Dee immediately fell in love with desert, and she is still in love with it to this day. Her passion has grown immensely in her time here. It grew so much that she decided to raise her family in the Morongo Basin.

Moving to California was a big step for Miss Dee. She grew up in Hawaii and moved to the state to attend the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). After UCLA, Miss Dee began her career as a nurse for the Hi-Desert Medical Center. After numerous years at the hospital, she retired. Luckily for us, she stepped into the Reach Out Morongo Basin family as one of our incredible volunteers! “I love volunteering at Reach Out,” she said. “I love all of my coworkers, and everyone is treated so well!”

When asked about what she loves about the Morongo Basin, she noted the change in seasons and all that come with them. From the beautiful blooms of the wildflowers to the cold winter nights, Miss Dee adores the different aspects of each season in the desert. Having lived in the area for almost 50 years, Miss Dee talked about how much the community has grown. “There are a lot more people coming in and out of the area,” she said. “There is so much traffic, but that seems to be really good. People are going to the monument and shopping in town. I love meeting all of the new faces of course. They are always so nice.”

Miss Dee loves this area and the community of people she has had the chance to meet. From the marines to fellow seniors to people at the grocery store, Miss Dee has met such kind and wonderful people in her time in the Morongo Basin. It’s definitely not like Hawaii, but it has become her home. “I can’t imagine being anywhere else.”

We are incredibly grateful and honored that Miss Dee takes time out of her busy schedule to volunteer with us at the Twentynine Palms Senior Center. Our lives have been changed for the better ever since she came into our lives.

Until Next Time ~

Scott Clinkscales,Office Coordinator