Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Eleemosynary el·ee·mos·y·nar·y/ˌeləˈmäsnərē/Adjective

Origin – Medieval Latin, late 16th century       

  1. Of or relating to charity or donations
  2. Supported by charitable giving

Use in a sentence : “The eleemosynary organization runs on donations to stay in business.” or “Her generous eleemosynary pursuits fully funded a new program to help seniors.”

Words… I just love new words! I get these emails every morning, and each day there is a new word with its meaning, origin, and a way to use it in a sentence. This is truly one of the highlights of my morning as I get to expand my vocabulary and my mind.

A couple of days ago I got the word ‘eleemosynary’ and was absolutely fascinated with it. I had NEVER heard this word before, and, of course, its meaning struck to my heart working in the nonprofit field. I get to see in action daily the eleemosynary actions of our community and its members.

So many people truly have a heart for giving here in the Morongo Basin, and it truly shows. The giving comes in many forms for us. From the people who bring donations to the Senior Center Thrift Shops to help our seniors fund trips and outings to the volunteers who answer phones, help seniors in and around their homes, or even helping out at a fundraising or community event. 

There are even the hundreds (thousands?) of community members who, throughout the year, help not only Reach Out but their very own neighbors with small tasks and a helping hand just because they can.
It is this spirit that makes the Morongo Basin the wonderful place it is.