Giving Thanks

With the holiday season here, many of us begin to turn to family gatherings to celebrate the passing of another year with love and companionship. Food, fun, and laughter, come together to help us make more memories for the years ahead.

For many of us, these are wonderful times and something we look forward to. For many though, the holidays can be hard. This might be the first yer without a beloved spouse, or there could be illness in the family that is causing hardship, some may live alone with no family nearby, and some may have no home at all. There may be causes for joy or sadness; however, there is always one constant, and that is the indomitable human spirit that lives within each of us. It is that spirit which keeps hope and gratitude alive in us.

The human spirit within each of us is one of compassion and caring. Having empathy for another human being is the core in each of us that has us reach out to speak a kind word, forgive a transgression, practice random acts of kindness to strangers, comfort someone in their loss, and celebrate with them on their successes. It is the interwoven walk of life that is called humanity.

During this holiday season, as we celebrate, we at Reach Out Morongo Basin want to thank all of you, our family, for extending a helping hand to our senior and disabled neighbors, and we ask that each of us step out and extend the hand of love and peace to another person, perhaps and estranged family member or event a complete stranger. As we do so, contemplate how we can, with one small act, make the world a better place and change a life for the better!

With Peace, Love, and Happiness ~

Robin Schlosser, Executive Director